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Steve Sadler, CEO ( Talks Regulation A+

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler took time out of his busy day to talk during Main Street Meets Wall Street segments on Investor Town Hall Powered by First Look Equities. Sadler discussed his experience with the company’s Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding offering, real estate crowdfunding.

Watch this exclusive interview containing insightful information other companies can use to consider similar Reg-A+ offerings; Sadler give some great reasons why companies should consider those types of offerings and the benefits it can do to expand in their market and appeal to investors.

Investors get a first look of Allegiancy, a commercial real estate asset management firm that successfully completed a Regulation A+ (real estate crowdfunding), and see a good reason to come meet Steve in person and hear about more investment opportunities at a First Look Equities investor summit on April 26th.

Georgia Takes Crowdfunding Lead For Entrepreneurs – GA State Representative Dar’Shun Kendrick

Main Street Meets Walls Street on Investor Town Hall Powered By First Look Equities interviews Georgia State Representative Dar’Shun Kendrick on Georgia leading the way toward increasing capital formation and crowdfunding.

GA is setting the examples other states can follow with making the capital formation process more efficient, practical while maintaining the securities protection investors deserve.

Kendrick said in the interview how Georgia is also one of three state pioneering in Intrastate Crowdfunding.

She also discusses her attending First Look Equities conference in Atlanta, GA to present to its members a keynote on: “The Future of Private Investment Policy in GA.”

Kara Kennedy (ClearTrust) Joins First Look Equities Board – Crowdfunding, Stock Market

Investor Town Hall interviews trusted stock transfer agent company, ClearTrust Executive Director Kara Kennedy about her joining the First Look Equities advisory board and the value FLE’s summits bring to investors and issuing companies in finance and fundraising mode.

Kennedy discusses the great benefits that come with being a First Look Equities members. She says First Look Equities Founder Delray Wannemacher really goes the extra mile to make sure investors are getting warm introductions to companies and being present and concern for a seamless attendee experience.

First Look Equities conferences are great for crowdfunding websites and crowdfunding platforms to add that human connection by bringing their investors and companies under one roof to nurture those relationships and build stronger connections for companies and investors.

FLE members get lots of extra perks such as business meeting office space around the world to meet with its recent partnership with World Trade Center Association, Wannemacher says plans to expand from Georgia to others states is in motion coupled with their WTC partnership, it is already getting a global reach.

With education panels and keynote presentations by leading experts in capital markets, this is a conference that helps inform, education and initiate those valuable connections of trust that gets a deal done.

Gene Wright (Northstar Consulting) Joins First Look Equities Board – Crowdfunding, Regulation A+

Investor Town Hall interviews Northstar Consulting Founder Gene Wright on why he joined First Look Equities’ advisory board and how attending First Look’s in-person investor conferences and summits help build trust and credibility needed in order to get a capital financing business deals done.

With the Jobs Act Title iii enabling equity crowdfunding Wright says First Look Equities provides a major complimentary component to current crowdfunding websites and crowdfunding platforms by providing the opportunity for investors and CEO to meet face-to-face in a trusting and credible environment at their investor summits and company presentation conferences.

Wright also touches on topics such as, 506c offerings, 506(c) accredited investor verification, 506 c fund, Touching on 506(b) vs 506(c), Reg A+, Title iii Jobs Act,crowdfunding for startups, accredited investors and retail investors.

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